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Hurdles and Passing Arc


Product Category : Hurdles and Passing Arc

Product Type : Agility and Speed Training Equipment

Product Code : SAS H 21108

Avilability : In stock


TRAINING HURDLE FOLDABLE :  Foldable training hurdle made of heavy duty virgin plastic for convenient stacking .Available in different sizes 6",9",12",15",18"

SAS H 21108 A                    One Piece 6"

SAS H 21108 B                    One Piece 9"

SAS H 21108 C                    One Piece 12"

SAS H 21108 D                    One Piece 15"

SAS H 21108 E                    One Piece 18"

SAS H 21108 F                    Set includes one piece each  6",9",12",15",18" in carry bag.

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